IP addresses

IP address ranges used by the Application Collection

The Application Collection serves its content from multiple IP address ranges. When accessing it behind a firewall or through a proxy that restricts the network traffic, you must allow TCP port 443 via our IP ranges for the following domains:

Web applicationapps.rancher.io
Distribution platformdp.apps.rancher.io, europe-west3-docker.pkg.dev
REST APIapi.apps.rancher.io
Documentation sitedocs.apps.rancher.io

IP ranges

You can retrieve the list of IP addresses used by the Application Collection from the config API endpoint.

These ranges are in CIDR notation. You can use an online conversion tool to convert from CIDR to IP address ranges, like for example CIDR to IPv4 Conversion or CIDR to IPv6 Conversion.

These ranges are updated frequently. In case of allowing by IP address, we recommend regular monitoring of our API.

Last modified April 29, 2024